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This will always be on top

Comment to be added. You can also check out catandfiddle, which has more public entries.
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So, how did you find me? Are you a Westminster Choir College person (you seem to have a couple of us on your friends list)?
It's Danni.:-)

So, are you still a catechumen?
Yes. I think the priest is waiting until I can resign from my present church job before official conversion; I can attend all of the weekday Liturgies he wants, and of course go to Vespers on the weekends, but I think he feels it's important to be there on Sunday, too. We're hammering it out.:-)
Got it.


Well, if you ever decide to add me, I would consider myself honored.

I did- I meant to before, but I think I forgot. Sorry about that. It should be fixed now, and I am honored to have you on my list as well!
  1. THIS is the journal I should be reading, perhaps!

  2. This post called This will always be on top is no longer on top.
Thanks! Feel free to add both journals; I think I write about relevant topics in both. At least, I try.:-)
Please friend me. :-)
I'd like to read. Can you add me?
Sure- consider it done!
Hi Daniels...Would you consider adding me here as well? I think you know I'm at St. Stephens and I wonder why you decided on St. Marks (Wrightstown--yes?)
Anyway..I'm woking my way to a decision but I'm so wrapped up in youth group (I've taught some kids now going into college since third garde.) I don't know how to leave them.
You've been friended- ta da!

I decided on St. Mark's because it's the Orthodox Church closest to St. Luke's, where I currently work as a paid singer. It's literally just up the road. St. Mark's is a small mission parish- still a beautiful church- and the people there have been truly wonderful me, and tolerant of me working for the Prots, at least for now.:-) Leaving St. Luke's is going to be heartwrenching for me, too- I understand where you're coming from! If I leave, it's going to break my heart- and if I don't leave, it might break my soul. That was the realization that really cemented my decision. I feel that it's wrong of me to continue my employment in the Episcopal Church, having experienced the glory of Holy Orthodoxy.

Still, it's going to absolutely tear me apart.
Would you mind if I read this journal too? I'm curious to know more about your adventures!
Absolutely! Consider yourself added! Welcome aboard.:-)
Could you please add me as well? I'm a recent convert-- I was baptized and chrismated two weeks ago today. :)Thanks!
Done! Welcome aboard!:)
Hi there. I'd be interested in reading about your journey into Orthodoxy. :)
Added! Welcome aboard!:)